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Upright piano

An upright piano, as the name suggests, sits in an upright position where the back of the instrument can sit against a wall. This overall compact design is ideal for the home because it can sit in a room in the same way as any other piece of furniture. Upright pianos do come in a variety of sizes and at Pianolobby we stock a variety of sizes from a wide variety of brands. The height is the most obvious size difference, starting at around 105cm to around 150cm. The length ranges from about 144cm to about 155cm and depth from about 53cm to around 65cm. We stock a wide variety of brands of upright pianos, including those from Yamaha, Kawai, Hailun, Danemann, Petrov, Eavestaff, Knight, Fazer and many more. We offer our pianos for sale at competitive prices and have a rental scheme as well.