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Pianos for Experienced

As pianists gain in skills both technically and aurally, they demand more from their pianos. The more pianists understand their piano repertoire the more they need to do. The music is often very layered with many ‘voices’ which need to be expressed. Music is multi-coloured and the more sophisticated the piano, the more the pianist can explore.

Pianolobby is run by pianists who understand the subtle differences required by pianists of all levels and stages in their playing. Living in a big city such as London, we come across pianists of all types and welcome a conversation about what is required from their piano.

Our stock of pianos changes all the time. Feel free to call us to check what we have available. We understand pianists and we work hard to find the most piano for the money available.

Do call, we are always very happy to have a chat about pianos and help as best we can.