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U3. Upright piano with an interesting back story…


This is a lovely piano which feels great to the touch. It is good value and is an ideal investment for any pianist. The condition of this piano is very good and will give many decades of service. It is also available on our Rent-to-Buy scheme.


Introduction. Yamaha are of course famous for reliable, high quality pianos and their instruments are often the measure by how we judge other brands. The U3 sitting at the top of the upright piano range has been consistently popular since its introduction. This company has worked hard to create and continue to build reliable and long lasting pianos. A Yamaha U3 piano is a must for any pianist to consider when investing in a musical instrument.

The Piano. This is a standard U3 which has a timeless, tasteful design and this piano is we think a superb example.  There is still the usual high quality build and high quality materials producing a superbly versatile piano. It is still a Yamaha U3 and is a superb piano for very beginner pianists right through to advanced pianists. This piano will provide many decades of reliable service for you. The piano featured here is a wonderful example dating from 1981. It feels really good to the touch producing the classic Yamaha U3 rewarding sound.

What’s the story? Well, this piano was assembled in Taiwan. There is no real disadvantage because it is still a U3. The advantage is that they are slightly cheaper making them quite a shrewd purchase.

The U3 piano measures: 132cm tall, 153cm long and 65cm deep.

Purchase Options. Our U3 piano here is for sale at £4500. This price includes a 5 year warranty, an adjustable stool, local ground floor delivery and the first tuning in its new home. It is also possible to purchase this piano by spreading payments over a period of time all interest free.

Customers can also rent this piano on a 6-month scheme which carries the option of purchase at the end of the term. There is a monthly rental fee of £145 or if you prefer, you can pay a one-off fee of £870. The balance of £3630 is to be paid 6 months later. This balance can then be paid over an agreed period.

This scheme is a great way to try having a piano in your home. If you decide that piano playing isn’t for you, we will simply collect the piano and no additional charge will be made.

Accessories. We have a collection of accessories which we hope will enhance your piano playing experience. There are caster cups which offer protection to your floors, a carpet to protect your piano from underfloor heating, lamps, polishes and cloths.

Getting in touch. If you would like more information about this piano or any other piano we have in stock, please call Julian on 020 3645 3930 or send an email HERE and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

To gather more useful tips about buying a piano there is a lot more information on this website. Have a read of our blogs, there is information on how to care for your piano and also tips on how to improve your playing as well as other articles which we hope will be of interest.

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