Piano Rental for Hire in London | Piano Lobby

Pianos are one of the most popular of musical instruments. To obtain a piano there are two main options. Buy or to rent, both have advantages and disadvantages.

Either way, it is important to get an instrument that functions properly. A poorly functioning instrument stores up problems for the player, whereas playing on a good instrument will help to motivate and enthuse, which in turn will encourage pianists of all ages and stages to continue playing.

The problem of course is cost. Pianos are expensive because they are complicated, containing 1,000s of moving parts which all have to work perfectly together. The construction, manufacturing and distribution process is complicated and labour intensive, which adds to the cost.


The main attraction of renting is of course, cost. Buying a piano is a big investment and there is the dilemma of not knowing whether you, your son or daughter will take to the piano.

To start enjoying the piano through a rental scheme, there is no need to spend the large sums of money required in purchase. It is an excellent way of getting started to see how it goes and have a relatively small financial commitment. If at the end of the rental agreement sadly no one wants to continue playing, we would simply come and take it away for you.


We must point out here that with renting anything, there is the ongoing cost of the monthly rent. We do also charge for delivery, one way. The adjustable stool and first tuning is included in the price but the ongoing 6 monthly tuning is charged to you.

The obvious downside is that the money being spent in rent is an ongoing cost which does not result in ownership.

This page is dedicated to renting a piano, but we would also like to point out positives of purchase. Investing in the purchase of a piano does bring the pleasure of actual ownership. If necessary later on, it will be possible to recover much of the investment, however pride of ownership is key. It is possible that your son or daughter may feel more committed to study when they have their very own piano.


  1. Choose between renting or buying. If you are not sure, renting does let you experiment and gain experience of having a piano in your home. It allows you to test commitment levels too.
  2. Find the right instrument for you. We will help you decide using our performing and teaching experience to advise.
  3. We talk through the rental contract together, it is a very straight forward document. If you are happy and comfortable, your signature goes on the end of the document.
  4. We then organise delivery for you.


The contract period is initially for 6 months. Pianos start from £45 per calendar month and the one-off delivery charge is £150. The piano will be tuned and comes with an adjustable stool.

  1. Continue renting.
  2. Return the piano at no cost to you.
  3. Buy the piano. If you decide to buy the piano, every penny spent, rent and delivery comes off the ticket price and you simply pay the balance. This payment can also be spread over 12 months.

If you would like more information or want to try out our pianos please call us on 020 3645 3930.