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Cory High Gloss Polish. Cleans and protects high gloss finishes. Non streaking and anti static. Restores the high gloss finish.

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When The Beautiful Piano Arrives, there it stands proudly and very shiny. Finger prints all too soon show up on that beautiful high gloss surface.

What to do. We find that the best thing to use is a good quality, soft micro-pore cloth. Simply wipe over the surface and you will see that it easily removes dust and finger prints. No liquid required.

Once in a while the finish on your piano may need a little help to keep its beautiful glossy finish. We recommend Cory products. This polish brings out gleam superbly. Just a little dab on the cloth will cover quite a wide area. Each bottle is 2fl oz.

Cost. Our cloths are £4.50 each.

Our bottles are £16.00 each.

Bought together we can offer you these for £18.00

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