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DANEMANN 115. Available in Black or Walnut


The Danemann 115 models sits in the middle of the range and is a lovely instrument. They are beautifully designed and built with high quality materials to very exacting standards. These pianos have medium light touch from their efficient action and produce a warm and pleasing tone


Introduction. The Danemann 115 is a wondrful piano. This is the mid-range model and has been beautifully designed and built, using high quality materials and constructed to very exacting standards.

Danemann are a British brand with a long history. They date from 1893 and production of quality pianos continued up until 1983. There have been various attempts to revive the name, however the current owner has invested greatly in these products. The future for the Danemann brand is looking very bright indeed.

Pianolobby is delighted to be appointed as one of Danemann’s London dealers.

The Piano. These pianos have medium light touch from their efficient action and produce a warm and pleasing tone. The bass is rich and resonant through to a lovely singing treble. The construction is very rigid to further enhance the sound. As you can see from the pictures, they have a high gloss finish. The cabinet has an elegant and traditional look, we think they are really quite handsome.

This model stands at 115cm tall, 149cm long and 63cm deep. These are relatively compact pianos ideal for the home, but they are still versatile instruments able to please most pianists. The have full 88 key keyboards and a practice pedal.

Purchase Options. We are offering this piano for sale at £3799 for the high gloss black piano. The walnut in high gloss finish is £4049. This includes free local delivery to a ground floor room, free stool, free first tuning and a 5 year warranty. It is also possible to spread payment over time, all interest free! Please get in touch to discuss which may work best for you.

These pianos are available on a 6-month scheme which carries the option of purchase at the end of the term. For the black piano there is a monthly rental fee of £135 or if you prefer, you can pay a one-off fee of £810. The balance of £2989 is to be paid 6 months later. This balance can then be paid over an agreed period.

This scheme is a great way to out try having a piano in your home. If you decide that piano playing isn’t for you, we will simply collect the piano and no additional charge will be made.

Accessories. We have a collection of accessories which we hope will enhance your piano playing experience. There are caster cups which offer protection to your floors, a carpet to protect your piano from underfloor heating, lamps, polishes and cloths.

Getting in touch. If you would like more information about this piano or any other piano we have in stock, please call Julian on 020 3645 3930 or send an email HERE and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

To gather more useful tips about buying a piano there is more information elsewhere this website. Have a read of our blogs, there is information on how to care for your piano and also tips on how to improve your playing. Do visit other pages to see our other pianos.

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