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Pianolobby is delighted to be a London dealership for Hailun pianos. We are a huge fan of this ambitious and accomplished piano builder. They have been building pianos now for over 20 years, they are affordable, beautifully designed, pianos of quality.

The beauty of this company is that they are a family business that are very much emerging as one of the very best piano builders. Their pianos are built with careful attention to detail, they are precise, reliable, beautiful to look at as well as to play and listen to.

Hailun have built a reputation of producing pianos with a rich and colourful tone which comes from using high quality materials, careful design and precise build principles. Hailun are so confident on the quality of their instruments that they offer a 10 year guarantee!

We have found their pianos to be versatile instruments. The action is light enough for younger learners but with enough weight and responsiveness for very advanced and professional pianists. The attention to detail in all their component parts gives these pianos a very attractive character allowing every performer to play as expressively as they need.

Visit Pianolobby in South London and try out this family of terrific pianos, we are sure you will fall in love with them.