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Choosing a piano teacher for an adult or child who, is a beginner or previous-learner need not be a difficult process. Recommendations from other students, parents and teachers are the best.  The Internet, Neighbours, Schools and Colleges, Public Libraries, Community Halls and Notice Boards, Places of Worship, all are also useful places for when searching for a piano teacher.

An effective teacher should have very good subject knowledge, be passionate about their specialism, patient, encouraging, fun, and have a proven track record of commitment to teaching and learning.  There is no harm in trying out more than one piano teacher before you make a final choice. Teachers are happy for new students to book a consultation lesson for which there would usually a fee.

Consider which learning strategies suit the new or previous-learner.  If the new or previous-learner has learning difficulties, be upfront with your chosen teacher.  Teaching and Learning is a two-way process for all involved.  Beginner adult-learners will have a different approach to the study of a musical instrument compared to that of a child; clearly defined goals are to be encouraged, and welcomed by teachers.  Adult-Learners, do try to be open minded; your piano teacher is there to guide you and work with you.

Take time to think about the journey to your teacher’s Teaching Studio: distance from home, school, workplace; mode of transport; location.  When possible, be flexible about which day and what time you can attend a lesson. Remember, you are not the only student your new teacher is committed to.

Below is a list of Piano teachers. Just to let you know that none of the teachers listed are employed by Pianolobby. This directory is a free service to help connect students and teachers. We do not verify details provided or guarantee the quality of the teaching provided.

The wonderful world of the piano awaits you. Don’t be shy and don’t delay. Good luck with finding your new teacher.


Harriet Gritton: 07966570481. [email protected]. SE23
Kate Heath. 07930661562. [email protected]
Jo Honey. 07970842847. SE10
Sofia Livotov. 07554860632. SE19
Caroline Palmer. 07515863827. [email protected]. SE24
Georgina Steel: 07905164970. [email protected] SE24
Andrew Tait: 07976737519. [email protected]. SE23
Della T. 07977679360. [email protected]. SW19

Linda Brann. 07742489013. BR2
Tony O’Brien. 07986283903. [email protected]. BR4
Judith King. 02083139548. BR1
Chris Speechly. 07709626858. [email protected]. BR1

Jane Fletcher. 07583819441. CR6
Frederick Scott. 07951379989. CR0