Pianists come in all different shapes and sizes making an adjustable piano stool an essential purchase. We supply stools in a range of colours to, as close as possible match the colour of your piano.

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Getting Comfortable. It is really important to sit correctly at the piano and of course a good stool is a significant part of that.

If a pianist isn’t sat correctly at the piano, he or she may start to feel pain, possibly in the back, neck, shoulders, arms or hands. An incorrect sitting position can also make getting around the keyboard efficiently more difficult. A poor sitting position can be literally a pain in the neck!

The Stool. A piano stool plays a part in all of this. The most important aspect of a piano stool is the adjustable feature which will enable the player to find the exact height as part of the most ideal sitting position.

Our stools are all adjustable. We sell mostly black stools, but other colours are available.

Price is £135 plus postage.

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