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As with all businesses, and everything else for that matter, things change and develop. A local garage near where I am staying as I write this is a place I have known for about 35 years. In this time it has been a main dealer, if my slightly uncertain memory serves me correctly, for 6 different car marques. Similar is true for Pianolobby.

YamahaSome things have remained a constant, for example we have stocked Yamaha and Kawai pianos all the time we have been in business. They have tended to be our high middle to more expensive end of our stock.

We were slower to get going with more entry level instruments. We could never find anything that we were happy to sell. Much of what we could find seemed so poor in quality or at the end of their useful lives that we couldn’t honestly sell and say that this will be a reliable piano for the person who is parting with their hard earned money. With the advent of our Start Line pianos growing into our Rental, Rent to Buy pianos programme, we are now more organised with this type of starter piano. As our experience has grown, we are much better at finding decent and reliable pianos that are ideal for those starting piano for the first time. They also tend to be pianos that are smaller and take up less space in a room and so not such a shock for those who haven’t had such a large musical instrument in their house before. I will return to this topic at a later date.

2013-05-10 15.03.29The main aspect of this blog is to chat about the middle range of pianos we carry and more specifically, pianos that are brand new. We mostly sold Kingsburg and Lippmann pianos and adding to them, Barber and Bentley pianos. These are all very good pianos, beautifully built, good to play and with a lovely sound. Pianolobby is proud to have been associated with these pianos however Barber and Bentley arrive at irregular intervals and it is now more difficult to obtain Kingsburg and Lippmann.

We are delighted to be able to start offering Geyer pianos. Geyer build 7 different models, 3 uprights and 4 grands. We are a retailer stocking only upright pianos and currently we have the smaller of the Geyer piano in stock. We love it! And excited to receive the next model when they become available. We have decided to stock just the 2 models. A Geyer GU115 and A Geyer GU123. There is a larger and more expensive model, but we prefer to leave it to these 2 models.images

A Geyer pianos have their origins in Eisenberg, Thuringia. The company has had various owners, the latest change of ownership has brought new production techniques enhancing tradition and a new factory in China. There is a great deal of pride in this company. Proud of tradition, modern practices, materials used and the quality of the resulting pianos. They firmly believe that their pianos are an informed choice for the discerning pianist, a piano that will last a lifetime. From what we have learned and seen so far, we are very much inclined to agree.images

This now leads to the sticky question of money, they sound expensive. We are pleased to be able to put your mind at rest. £2395 will get you a GU115 which from Pianolobby includes an adjustable stool, free first tuning and free local delivery to a ground floor room. The GU115 is a compact quality piano and capable of helping a beginner pianist become an advanced pianist, a great piano for all the family. This piano benefits from German scaling and design and higher quality materials than is normally found at this price point making this piano a must try in your search.

imgresThe GU123 has all the same benefits of its smaller sibling but its larger size brings a richer sound. As you may be gathering by now, we are very excited by the A Geyer pianos. Please do come along and try them out.

Part 2 is coming soon where we discuss another piano brand new to Pianolobby.


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