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KAWAI GM10. Grand Piano. High Gloss Finish


This beautiful Kawai grand piano was built in 2008. It is, for a grand piano quite compact, has a wonderful tone and feels great to play. This is a high quality instrument which will satisfy most pianists. We are offering this piano with generous payment options and comes with free delivery, free stool and free tuning.


Introduction. Kawai are piano builders who command great respect among pianists the world over. They are not as famous as their fellow Japanese piano builders, Yamaha, but they do have a very significant and loyal following. Build quality of Kawai is very high indeed and certainly comparable to their rivals. They build a wide variety of pianos from digital pianos right through to grand pianos.

The Piano. The grand piano we have in stock is their smallest, 150cm, but make no mistake, it is a really good instrument built very well with wonderful components. It is handsome and has the feel of its larger siblings in the Kawai range. The action has proven reliability and is precise, the hammers are made from premium wool felt and there are many aluminium components to resist changes of air temperature and air pressure. This piano has 3 pedals where the middle pedal works like that found on larger grands. This pedal allows sustain on the first note played and all the others can be staccato. The watchword for this piano is, strength. The action is strong, the keybed is strong, it is reinforced with steel, the pinblock is laminated with 11 layers for added strength. The list goes on…

Does all this strenghtening make it difficult to play? Well, no, not at all, it is delightful to play, with a really smooth responsive action. The strength means it has a really good resonant tone.

Purchase Options. We are offering this piano for sale at £7500 which includes delivery, an adjustable stool, first tuning and a 3 year warranty. It is also possible to spread payment over 12 months interest free.

Accessories. We have a collection of accessories which we hope will enhance your piano playing experience. There are caster cups which offer protection to your floors, a carpet to protect your piano from underfloor heating, lamps, polishes and cloths.

Additionally. To gather more information about this and other pianos as well as other useful tips, there is lots of information elsewhere on this website. Have a read of our blogs, there is information on how to care for your piano and also tips on how to improve your playing. Do visit other pages to see our other pianos.

Getting in touch. If you would like to book a time to visit, please call Julian on 020 3645 3930 or send an email HERE and we will get in touch as soon as we can.

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