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Pianolobby goes to Frankfurt

Hello Everyone,

The purpose of this post is just to tell you about a fun few days in Frankfurt at the Musik Messe. It is a show for the music industry to show all its products. There were musical instruments of every kind imaginable, sheet music, recording equipment, teaching materials, the list is seemingly endless. There were performances, shows, lectures, it is a place where people get together to make new contacts and see what new trends are out there.

I have to say that is was a great experience and I learned a great deal and have ideas to help improve what Pianolobby can do to help you with your musical life as well.

The focus for me was things piano related. We came across the genio silent system. It is something that can be retro fitted to pianos, turning it into a digital piano as well as still using the piano as a normal acoustic instrument. There were 2 models which seem most appropriate and they will start to appear on some of our instruments. As you can see from the image it is a very discrete piece of kit and surprisingly inexpensive too!

This silent system is attached to a brand of piano we hadn’t come across before. We spent a long time with these instruments and came away very impressed at their performance. They are superb student pianos but also very capable to be playing sophisticated music.




We found pianos with unusual finishes. Some had a rougher finishes, some where you could feel the grain of the wood. There painted pianos as well. We found a purple Yamaha U1 and we are looking into stocking pianos that have different finishes. Perhaps not purple, but why not?



We attended lectures, encountered slightly dubious brand designs, and saw weird and wonderful instruments                                                                    as well as really beautiful pianos! 

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