Piano Storage | Piano Lobby

If you are looking to store your piano short or long term, we can help. We are offering a safe place to store your precious piano until you would like it returned back to you. We will arrange transport for you with our trusted partners from and back to your home.

Our space is insured, very secure and monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV within a gated compound. We keep our own pianos in the same space in a building that is only 3 years old.

If you wish to store your piano with us we make sure it is photographed as soon as it arrives in our care. It will then be wrapped in a protective blanket to give it full protection.

If your piano is to be stored with us longer term we will also make sure it is maintaied and working as well as when it arrived in our care.

Currently we only store upright pianos and our charge for this is £18 per week.

Our delivery charge each way from a ground floor room within the M25 is £100.

Storage can be short term (from 1 week) or over a long period of time.