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Names of the External Parts of a Piano

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year. I hope that Christmas was a joyful time for you all.

When someone is kind enough to come and view a piano I am sometimes asked to identify the names of various component parts of the cabinet. Rather embarrassingly there have been moments when I didn’t know the answer. Many became known to me from learning to play piano as a child, others I have learnt as a result of selling pianos and the rest from researching this post.

So, here goes. As you can see I have used a photograph of a rather lovely Kawai piano and written on it in my very best handwriting. However I must apologise for said handwriting on the picture, I was writing using the finger pad on my laptop. It is even worse than my usual writing! You can see why I now prefer to type!

Many are fairly obvious, such as: caster, leg, lid, music stand, pedals and side. Others do make sense when you hear the name, such as: cheek, fall board and the lower and upper panels. The key block, key slip and toe block are the ones I always forget. I am now going to try to commit this to memory. Feel free to test me if you come and visit to try out pianos!

A future post will cover the component parts of the inside of the piano, this is a little more complicated and will take me a time to sort out.

This is a very short post, but I hope you have enjoyed it and found it a little bit informative.

If you have any questions regarding pianos, please do get in touch, I will always try to answer your questions and if I am not sure I will always research and get an answer back to you.

All the very best.

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