New Pianos

Choosing between new and used can be a tough decision.

What are the benefits of buying a brand new piano? It is very much the same as buying any other new item. It is the fact that it is brand new, blemish free and is complete with the manufacturers warranty.

Buying from a reputable manufacturer gives a feeling of confidence in knowing that with proper care and maintenance your piano will give decades of stress free playing. It is that feeling of creating your own history with your piano, something to cherish and even pass on to the next generation.

Barber Name Plate

The easiest way to find the piano for you is to consider budget, type of piano you want, what it will be used for and how important the security of that warranty and brand new instrument are to you.

Our brand new pianos include the superb Steinberg pianos, high quality Kingsburg pianos and the beautifully crafted Barber pianos.