canstockphoto12108892Part of our Autumn collection of pianos will be arriving very soon. We feel that these particular pianos are a bit extra special.

imagesThere are 2 Yamaha U1’s. They are everything we would expect from this excellent piano builder. These 2 pianos have been so very well looked after, you would never guess their age.

imagesThe other gem is a Kawai. We are particularly fond of Kawai pianos and it was love at first playing with this one! It too has been very well cared for, feeling and sounding really wonderful.

Kingsburg blackOur final piano on this post is a Kingsburg. We usually stock the 115 model but this one we stumbled upon is taller and has a superb sound. It will also be great value as well!!

Keep an eye open for more information. As soon as they arrive, they will get added to this site.

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Magnificent Yamaha U3

The Yamaha U3 upright piano is a wonderful instrument and this particular piano is one of my favourites.U3

It was built in 1979 and has a wonderfully rich and warm tone which can be obtained from its beautifully balanced keys.

U3 Aug 14Our expert technicians have made sure that all is as it should be mechanically, the casework is also in excellent condition.

We are offering this piano for sale at £3200. This is a lot of piano, but we can also give you more! How about free delivery to a ground floor room? Yes. Free first tuning and free stool? Yes. There is also a 5 year warranty.

To gather more useful tips about buying a piano there is a lot more information on this website. Click on the #Used Piano and #The Easy Way to Buy a Piano on the home page.

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Yamaha U1

U1It is beyond argument that Yamaha build brilliant pianos. And here’s another!

It was built in 1983 and  has a medium/bright tone. U1 3.2

We have made sure that everything is in order and everything works as it should.

We love this piano and offer it for sale at £3100. With this great piano you get 5 year warranty, free delivery to a ground floor room within the M25, free first tuning and an adjustable stool.

To gather more useful tips about buying a piano there is a lot more information on this website. Click on the #Used Piano and #The Easy Way to Buy a Piano on the home page.

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