Yamaha 21st Oct 2013 007We know that the world-renowned professional U series of Yamaha pianos are a favourite amongst pianists of all levels and this is because these pianos offer outstanding musical performance and reliability. This instrument I have for sale is an excellent example.

This U1H model is a used piano built at the end of 1975 (serial number: 2102656) and is in very good condition. It is an original piano that has been well maintained throughout its life and as a precautionary measure it has had all its loop cords replaced.

We at Pianolobby have such confidence in this piano that we are happy to offer a 3 year warranty.  Delivery is FREE to a ground floor room within the M25. Delivery will be subsidised by Pianolobby if a piano goes beyond the M25 and/or has to go to to a different floor. This piano also comes with a FREE stool and FREE first tuning.

This beautiful instrument is FOR SALE AT £2600.

If you would like more information, we would welcome a call or email from you. Our number is 020 3645 3930 and email address is to julian@pianolobby.co.uk



YAMAHA M5JYAMAHA M5JYAMAHA M5JThis fantastic little instrument was a lucky find for us. The person who buys this piano will be very happy! It was bought by a gentleman in June 1981 and has lovingly looked after this piano. It is in immaculate condition, has a beautiful sound and is easy to play.

We are confident that this piano will be completely trouble free and will supply it with a 5 year warranty. The build quality of Yamaha pianos are legendary and this piano has been meticulously maintained by its only owner.

Its dimensions are: height 109cm, length 145cm, depth 57cm

This piano is now SOLD. Others very similar are coming very soon…

For more information please feel free to call me on 020 3645 3930 or send an email to julian@pianolobby.co.uk






U1X frontU1X back frameWe are all familiar with the excellent U series pianos, but there is a range of Yamaha pianos which are even more special.

The X series. This was introduced in Japan as an upgrade of the U3 called UX. The model we have is the same size as the U1 and can be identified by its famously distinctive X bracing on the back which adds more strength to the construction of the piano and the front panel is vented to allow more sound from the front of the instrument.

However, these are by no means the only differences. On the inside it uses superior materials in the action parts and soundboard compared to the standard U series pianos. The bass strings are longer on the UX models than the standard U model pianos, which has been achieved  by curving the bridge at the bottom of the piano.

The difference between the U series and UX series pianos may seem slight on their own, but brought together they do make for quite a different instrument.

The X series pianos are a rare breed and at Pianolobby we are very excited to have this wonderful example for sale for you. It will be a lucky owner who has the chance to enjoy all the advantages this piano has to offer.

Our UX1 is a used piano built in 1986 (serial number: 4268188) and is for sale at £3700. This includes delivery to a ground floor room, a stool, first tuning and a warranty.