All WILH. STEINBERG IQ pianos have a beautiful clear tone which impresses both professional musicians and music lovers with a keen ear throughout the world.

SteinbergNumerous stages take place before the 6000 individual components complete a WILH. STEINBERG piano.
Certified sound boards from Strunz are fitted which uses wood from the mountains of Bavaria and Austria grown at an altitude of more than 1000 metres. Growth at this height is much slower so that the wood has very tight annual rings, giving a remarkable solidity – a very important ingredient for the famous WILH. Steinberg sound.

All WILH. STEINBERG Level IQ pianos are fitted with Renner actions from the Renner factory in Stuttgart. For many decades they have proved to be the best worldwide and represent the highest possible quality. The IQ pianos are also fitted with the internationally renowned Kluge keyboards.

The grey cast-iron frame is the guarantee for the stability of a good piano. It has the strength to carry the enormous strain of the strings which is more than 20 tons. Grey cast-iron also has the least tendency to resonate – an essential requirement for our pianos which are noted for their purity of tone.

The experience of 130 years of piano making in Eisenberg and the high quality control in the factory ensure that you will possess a masterpiece of German piano-building giving pleasure for a lifetime of music-making.


Pianolobby are proud to be able to offer this piano for sale at ONLY £6500. That is a full £1000 off the RRP!!! This includes the Steinberg warranty, an adjustable stool, first tuning and free delivery to a ground floor room within the M25.

If you would like more information or want to book at appointment to try out the fantastic piano, simple phone Julian on 02036453930 or send an email. Our address is: julian@pianolobby.co.uk