Pianolobby Sponsors Local Festivals

Pretty much everywhere nowadays there are wonderful local festivals in so many different guises. These strike me as celebration of the wealth of talent that exists in every community.

This year Pianolobby is sponsoring 3 different events in South London. 2 are piano festivals and the other is a more general Arts event.

10426254_1387837918143593_692858298081513404_nThe first in the year in a brand new event, a competitive festival for pianists. This has been set up by Liz Giannopoulos from Encore music. It is open to pianist of all standards, but we are keen to support pianists at the beginning of their playing and we are sponsoring the grade 1-2 class. The festival is on Saturday 7th March. For more information go to www.batterseapianofestival.co.uk


logoNext in the year is the Dulwich festival, which celebrates everything Dulwich. It is an annual Arts festival in May and has a huge range of events. There are art exhibitions, music in all its shapes and forms, walks, street art, discussion groups, comedy and fairs where there are bouncy castles to beer tents and food stalls to jewelry stalls. The list could go on and on. We are sponsoring an event and will keep you posted which one it is when all is confirmed.Do keep an eye open for an updated website at www.dulwichfestival.co.uk

dulwichmusic_logoThe Dulwich Piano Festival is now a very well established annual event and a must for local pianists. It is run by the industrious Lorraine Liyanage who also runs the SE22 Piano School as well as so many other piano related events. Pianolobby is a proud event sponsor. The Piano Festival takes place on the 7th June at the James Allen Girls school. For more information have a look at the beautiful website which is: www.dulwichmusicfestival.co.uk

I hope to see you at these fantastic events.



canstockphoto2392738 (1)Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have all had a good Christmas.

Well, we have eaten our way through our turkeys, geese, sprouts, minced pies and mountains of chocolate, now onwards to clear our minds. imagesWhat better way than to play piano?





We have helped hundreds of people over the years to realise their dream and purchase a wonderful piano. Many of our customers have bought a piano for the first time, others we have helped upgrade to something better. U1X front

That new year resolution to self improvement can be to learn piano or brushing up on those piano skills. The piano repertoire is quite simply huge and learning even just a small corner of this wonderful music is quite a journey.

At Pianolobby we would like you to get going with your new years promise to yourself with our January sale.

The structure is very simple this year. Every Barber piano has a £200 discount on the listed price. Every Yamaha, Kawai, Kingsburg and Lippmann has been reduced in price by £100.

What corners are we cutting? None of them. Every piano keeps its warranty, free stool, free first tuning and free local delivery to a ground floor room.

If you would like more information or would like to book a viewing please call Julian on 020 3645 3930. You may prefer to write an email to julian@pianolobby.co.ukYamaha-21s-1966 1140x400px

Barber August 2014 043


German Ronisch Piano

Here is a German upright piano made by Ronisch in 1980. It might only be 110cm tall but it is a lot of piano is a small case.Ronisch

It is an ideal piano for beginners up to about grade 6. It has a sweet tone and medium/light weighted keys.

RonischRonisch are serious piano builders dating from 1845. They have maintained their traditional skills and blended them with modern technology. Our Ronisch piano is a good example of this tradition.

This piano is for sale at £1550 which includes free delivery, a stool, first tuning and a 3 year warranty.

To gather more useful tips about buying a piano there is a lot more information on this website. Click on the #Used Piano and #The Easy Way to Buy a Piano on the home page to find out more.

If you would like to discuss what you have read here or would like to book a visit to our London warehouse please call us on 020 3645 3930. If you prefer to write, please send an email to julian@pianolobby.co.ukRonisch