FUCHS & MOHRWould you like to own a German piano? Well here’s your chance. It is a Fuchs & Mohr built in the former East Germany in the mid-1980′s.

Some commentators have stated that these pianos are a little bland in their sound. Personally I find these pianos really sweet sounding and easy to use. I think they make an excellent first piano, adding reliability to to its sweet sound and easy to use keyboard.

The casework on particular instrument is in stunning condition and the action is in great shape. It is a used piano but has clearly been very well looked after by its previous owner.

Our Fuchs & Mohr has a full sized keyboard. Its dimensions are: height 108cm, length 144cm and depth 54cm.


If you would like more information please feel free to call Pianolobby on 020 3645 3930 or write to julian@pianolobby.co.uk. We are easily found in South East London next to a railway station and have plenty of parking.



BALLINDAMMBALLINDAMMThe Toyo Piano Company was established in Japan in 1948 with one aim: to produce pianos of the highest quality that will be loved the world over. From then on, they have combined refined craftsmanship with the latest technology to meet and exceed the expectations of customers. Well, so goes the advertising…

For once however, I think they have a point. Toyo, who build Ballindamm pianos are really good! Even our technicians like them. They are very well built, easy to play and have a really rich and clear sound.

They are handsome pieces of furniture too. Our used Ballindamm is 126cm tall, 151cm long and 65cm deep. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Our Ballindamm, built in around 1984, has been very well cared for and comes with a 3 year warranty. We will also deliver this piano free of charge to a ground floor room, supply a free stool and free first tuning. It is for sale at £2250.

If you would like more information please feel free to call us on 020 3645 3930 or email julian@pianolobby.co.ukBALLINNDAMMBallindamm



January 2014 026This little gem would be an ideal piano for a beginner pianist up to around grade 5 standard. Kemble is a famous and very well respected British brand. Production in the UK has now sadly ceased, but this lovely used piano is British built.

The serial number of this piano is 128352 which means this Kemble was built in 1967 and is in terrific condition both inside and out.

It has a full sized keyboard of 88 keys. This piano has a smaller case and is ideal for homes with limited space. Its dimensions are: height 103cm, length 144cm and depth 57cm.

Our little Kemble has a 1 year warranty, free delivery to a local ground floor and free first tuning.

It is for sale at £1350.

If you would like more information please call us on 020 3645 3930 or email julian@pianolobby.co.uk