Barber Pianos

Barber, London is a vibrant British brand building desirable and elegant pianos. Barber has a steadfast committment to quality and is keen to meet high customer expectations. The beautifully designed cabinets follow traditional as well as contemporary styling which will enhance any home.

The beautiflul sound of a Barber piano comes from a combination of modern construction techniques, high quality materials and highly skilled staff. This ensures that every Barber piano is built to last and will give many years of pleasure.

Barber pianos are designed to suit British tastes. They demonstrate the traditionally rounded and warm tone which is obtained through a balanced, even and responsive action. Each instrument has a sophistocated sound board constructed of premium spruce for superior sound, hammers made of high quality felt for lasting consistency and beautiful tone.

In addition, Barber incorporates Roslau strings, British felt in the keybed, five sound posts and aluminium struts for added strength. All Barber pianos come with a five year warranty.

There are three models. The BB109 is the entry level piano offering good performance and affordability. Next is the BB115 and the largest piano is the stunning BB122.

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